After three tearful years of piano lessons, I cajoled my parents into letting me take up the guitar at age eleven.

It was the time of the "Great Folk Scare": The Kingston Trio, Joan Baez, The Weavers. A time when three chords were enough. Now, this I can handle, says I.

Then came Elvis and Chuck Berry. Hey, same three chords! I'm home free!

Since then I've managed to learn a few more chords, play and sing in any number of rock, folk, country, swing, jazz and gypsy groups and choirs, pick up the electric and stand-up bass, teach guitar, study theory, composition and ethnomusicology at college, and never get serious about any of it!

My latest passion is the jazz guitar accompaniment style of the great Freddie Green, guitarist for Count Basie for some forty years. It's a minimalist approach to chording that effectively provides a pulse on which the rest of the rhythm section is free to elaborate. Holotradband, with it's solid and swinging style, is the perfect place to employ the method.

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