Holotradband, a high-energy hot jazz band from Seattle, Washington is a house afire. The blend of improvisation, riffs, and melody created by its front line soars over a blazing foundation laid down by one of the most spirited rhythm sections on the west coast.

The band draws its repertoire from the Golden Age of Early American Jazz. Legendary musicians and composers like Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Bix Beiderbeck, Sidney Bechet, Clarence and Spencer Williams ... and a legion of other talented composers and gifted performers ... created America's first original art form and gave it to a world in which it still thrives.

The musicians of Holotradband recognize the debt owed and the inspirations drawn from the originators of their art, but they profess no attempt to recreate the old recordings. Rather, modern influences on taste, technique, and perspective have guided this group to its own identifiable voice.

Each Tuesday evening since the autumn of 2003, this musical team - no star complexes here - has been

entertaining audiences at one of Seattle's favorite watering holes, The New Orleans Creole Restaurant.

For most of its 20+ years, the New Orleans has been recognized as the place in Seattle to hang out, enjoy a little N'awlins cuisine, and hear some of the Northwest's finest local talent.

Holotradband makes the most of a traditional early jazz instrumentation to serve up this music with respect, appreciation, and more than a little panache. This band puts its own mark on everything it plays, but you'll likely agree "they could'a been there."

If you happen to be in the area on a Tuesday evening, drop into the New Orleans Creole Restaurant and give this band a listen.

Or ... better yet ... make a special trip and plan to spend a few hours. It's worth it. If you like listening - or dancing - to really good, very hot live jazz, spend an evening with Holotradband at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant. It's a great way to spice up your week. Guaranteed!

We'll look for you.